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Blue Wave in Wentzville at the intersection of Highway 40 and I-70

Blue Wave serves Wentzville, Lake St. Louis, Troy, Defiance, New Melle, O’Fallon and Cottleville
The Best Martial Arts Classes. The Best Fitness Programs. The Best Personal Training Instruction.


Why should you check out Blue Wave?  There are a few very important reasons you should consider Blue Wave at the top of your list of choices.

First: If you are considering a martial arts program for yourself or your child Blue Wave can bring some qualifications to the table that few other studios can match. Our Karate Kids (ages 5-10) and Karate Kubs (ages 3-5) program have been lauded by local educators (teachers and principals) as a cutting edge educational experience for right brain/left brain integration as well as hand/eye coordination. We do this in a format that is fun, safe, and leaves the kids wanting to come back for more. Additionally, for teens and adults desiring authentic and REAL martial arts training, Blue Wave teaches the ORIGINAL Tae Kwon Do style that began in Korea. These teachings have been preserved and passed down for you today. Step back in time and experience the authentic and ancient methods for yourself. And, if time is short and you need a fast dose of self-defense instruction, Master Blevins distills the most important and effective elements out for our 2 hour self-defense seminars. For more information about our martial arts programs click these links (Karate Kids   Karate Kubs  Adult & Family Classes  Self-Defense) or select the “Martial Arts” tab above.

Next: Our fitness classes are so good that medical professionals and fitness instructors from other gyms regularly attend here at Blue Wave. We don’t mind – the more the merrier. Boot Camp in the early morning is a tough 45 minutes that varies between strength some days and cardio/core on other days. Boot Camp will definitely jump start your day. Kickboxing is our longest running and most requested class. In kickboxing we use the heavy bags and it is All Cardio. Our Cross Training class is much like boot camp but later in the morning for those of you who would rather work out at 9 a.m. And Lunch Crunch is a crazy combo of cardio/abs/agility/toning that is a whole lot better for you than a burger. Click the green bar above to see our most current class schedule. For more information on any of these classes click these links (Boot Camp  Kickboxing  Cross Training  Lunch Crunch) or select the “Fitness” tab above.

And Finally: if you are looking for a Personal Trainer we are known to be among the best in the area. This setting gives us the ability to completely tailor everything to you! From general health and wellness to triathlon training our clients here will tell you that they have been around to other facilities but will go nowhere else now. Most of our Personal Training  clients here end up becoming long time friends. And, while they have had lots of experiences with lots of personal trainers around town they will tell you that our trainers here at Blue Wave are the best and most enjoyable they have ever worked with. Believe them! Click this link (Personal Training) for more information.

At Blue Wave Martial Arts and Fitness we have a few membership options for you to consider.Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts

For Karate Kids and Family Tae Kwon Do you may pay tuition monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually. There are discounts for paying ahead and there are also discounts for multiple family members. We do have belt testing fees that gradually increase as the rank increases but belt exams are not very often and so don’t represent a big overall cost. There are NO CONTRACTS here at Blue Wave. We have never used contracts because we Kickboxing Fitnessdon’t need to. We have a great reputation in the community for providing outstanding martial arts education for the last 25 years. For details on pricing please call or email us and we will be happy to share all of that with you.

In the Fitness Program (including Boot Camp, Kickboxing, Cross Training,Lunch Crunch, and Strength Training)there are 2 different ways to have a membership – punch card or monthly. For a punch card membership you will need to purchase a set of either 25 or 50 workouts and this punch card never expires. We merely deduct one workout from your total each time you attend. This type of membership is great for clients who work out for a few weeks or months then might take a couple of weeks off.   The monthly Personal Training Fitnessmembership allows you to to attend unlimited classes. Please call or email us for details about these fitness package options.

The Personal Training has pricing based on pre-purchasing a set number of hour-long or half hour-long workout sessions. Hour sessions are packaged in 6, 12, 24, and 48 workouts. Half-hour sessions are packaged in groups of 6, 12, and 18. If you are interested in Personal Training we would like to first have you in for a free 30 minute consult to get a feel for your goals. Pricing will be furnished upon request. Just call or email us for details.

Would you like to check out our Fitness Programs? Click on the Fitness Special Below. Or, do you possibly have children and you are interested in Karate Kids? Click on the Karate Kids Special Button just below this paragraph. Maybe you have always been interested in martial arts but uncertain if Tae Kwon Do would beMaster David Blevins Martial Arts Master and Fitness Instructor your cup of tea? Please click on the image below to be taken to a page that contains a simple form for you to fill out for a free trial pass. Pick a program and fill in the information then send it to us. We will respond back and you will be all set up for your free trial class. It really is free to try! Now hurry and select one of the buttons below because the clock is ticking!

Or, possibly you are interested in Personal Training and would like to schedule a free consultation. If so, click the button below.

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