The Struggle is Real!

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The Struggle is Real!
by Tammy Bauer
The struggle is real! It is a common phrase tossed around these days. Sometimes it is used a bit tongue and cheek, but it is real, it is relevant, and it is inspiring.

This weekend I was sitting in a skate board park after Tae Kwon Do on a Saturday […]

Does the Scale Matter?

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Does the Scale Matter?
by Shannon Rowley
In writing this I find myself in the midst of a learning curve. Does the scale matter? Of course it does, it’s the measure of how hard I do or don’t work…right?

When I feel like I have gotten off path or missed a few workouts I get on the […]

Karate Kubs Blog 2

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Kennedy’s Karate Kubs Blog
One of my favorite things about being a Karate Kubs instructor is developing an understanding of my students and their learning style. I love people and I love analyzing the ways they operate. What motivates them, scares them, makes them happy, etc. In Kubs class I am always paying attention to […]

Mind Your Language

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The Connection of Language and Success
by Tammy Bauer
Our language, the words we use in everyday life, can make significant impact on our success. How we speak both out loud and with our inner voice can help set us up for success, or create an internal conversation towards failure. Just like venturing into a new fitness […]