Consistency Is Key

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Consistency is Key
by: Kennedy Fitzgibbon
This subject is a sort of follow up to my last blog about starting something and doing your best. I realized after doing some thinking that while starting can be hard, continuing on consistently with that same vigor and effort can be incredibly difficult. Our more recent generations are so […]

Layers Of Learning

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Layers of Learning
by: Master Blevins

Learning happens in layers. Opportunities that are seized, thousands of repetitions performed, and a focused approach that is tempered by experience all contribute to your layered learning in your favorite pursuit or pastime. Enjoy the talk…



Stay Motivated Through Injury

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How to Stay Motivated Through Injury
by: Shannon Rowley
In the past few months, my mental state not only as an exerciser but also as an instructor has been put to the ultimate test. I have recently had to learn how to overcome the physical and mental challenges of recovering from an injury that has hindered […]

Master B’s first VLog

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First Video Blog
by Master Blevins
In hopes of a weekly re-occurring offering, here is my first Video Blog. It is really just an introduction with real topics starting next week. But, get used to seeing these.

Martial Artist Mindset

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A Martial Artist Mindset
by: Kennedy Fitzgibbon
I could write pages and pages about what being a martial artist really means but today I want to focus on one thing in particular about a martial artist mindset and how it transfers over to your day to day life – on and off the training floor.

All you […]

Tammy’s Big News

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My Big News
by Tammy Bauer
Sitting here now, preparing this blog, I am really having a hard time coming up with the best way to share this most amazing news with you all.

It is beyond explanation when you can look back at your life and there is a moment where it is without doubt a […]