Training With Family

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Training Together With Family
by: Kennedy Fitzgibbon
I am so lucky that I get to train together with my family at Blue Wave. My dad is the reason that I originally had an interest in training in Tae Kwon Do. He was a black belt when he was my age and loved it. When I started […]

Hard Corps Starting Again!

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Hard Corps is Starting Soon!
Hard Corps Starting! Our Fun and Famous Fitness Challenge – HARD CORPS – is about to begin again. This time the challenge will last 6 weeks and be chocked full of events and challenges you have never seen before. Flyers with challenge information, rules, and the entire First Week of […]

Staying Fit on the Road

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Staying Fit on the Road
by: Shannon Rowley
Have you ever taken a week off at the gym due to work or vacation travel? Staying fit on the road is a chore that I hear about on a daily basis. And, for most of us, being off for a few days to a week (especially without […]

Karate Kubs Graduates

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The Thursday Karate Kubs Have Graduated
If you would like to see our latest batch of Karate Kubs Graduates please click on the photo below. It is a link to our latest gallery of Karate Kubs who graduated from Session 1.


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Parents – Help or Hindrance
by: Master Blevins
As a martial arts instructor that has worked with literally thousands of children, I would imagine that my experiences parallel those of little league coaches and elementary teachers in some respects. I am sure that my compatriots would agree that on one end of the spectrum there are […]

How to be Patient

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How to be Patient (or Hurry Up and Wait)
by: Master David Blevins
Our typical understanding of the word “patience” is to sit idly and try not to fall asleep. Like waiting for the bus. We just sit there, on the bench, doing nothing and letting our minds roam unfettered. The bus isn’t here yet so […]

New at Blue Wave – Schwinn Airdyne

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New Equipment in Da House – Schwinn Airdyne
This is an old fashioned piece of equipment that just keeps on giving. Used by professional sports teams and elite gyms across the globe…we present the pair:

Lenny and Ralph (our new Schwinn Airdynes)

Can you say, “Schwinning?”