Adult & Family Martial Arts Classes

TKDclassWhat Are Adult Family Martial Arts Class Like?
Becoming a martial artist is more than just learning a few moves, earning a belt and going to tournaments. At Blue Wave we have adult and family martial arts classes where you learn from a Master. Our art is called Tae Kwon Do which is a complete martial arts system that has been passed down from Master to student for generations. Integration of the whole person is the priority. Learning perfect control, explosive power, composure under stressful situations and dynamic leadership are just a few of the topics that are part of the learning process. The training here starts easy for beginners but then becomes very vigorous for higher ranks. This, of course, leads to a very high fitness level in addition to becoming skillful. There is a definite structure to the curriculum so you have a good idea where the training is going. And, while the training method is authentic with very old roots, our studio and teaching methods are very up to date.

Will Tae Kwon Do teach me self-defense?TKDarmbar
Absolutely! However, we go beyond merely memorizing moves and techniques. Variations and applications of each skill and movement are thoroughly and exhaustively examined and practiced in class. The end result is a body hardened by the training. Your reflexes are honed by the repetition. The end result is you own an understanding of the defensive process and accompanying strategies. Tae Kwon Do has historically been the “go-to” martial art system for military and law enforcement around the globe including the U.S. Marine Corps and the Korean ROK troops. It is interesting to note that Master Blevins has instructed military personnel on more than one occasion. For more information about Master Blevins Click Here.

TKDbreakAdult Family Classes Benefits?
There are so many good things that happen in this class. Probably the first thing you will notice is how friendly and including the other students are. While the training is tough the camaraderie here is strong and friendships abound. For real world applications students regularly recount about how their Tae Kwon DO training has aided them when dealing with stress and job or school performance. Athletic and sports skill, flexiblity, and sleeping better at night are common. Physical dexterity, core strength, balance, confidence and assertiveness are tools of the trade in our Tae Kwon Do program. If you are interested in more about the History of Tae Kwon Do Click Here. For more information about our program or a FREE PASS click the button below.

Master Blevins is an example of a dedicated and effective Tae-Kwon-Do instructor. When my son Alex began classes at Blue Wave Martial Arts and Fitness, he was only 9 years old. Master Blevins utilized a teaching style that demanded that students give their best effort but remained cognizant of building my child’s confidence in himself and his abilities. As my child has progressed he has become more self-motivated and learned to establish goals. When he earned his black belt the pride he felt in himself was shared by all the instructors and students who have shared his journey. I credit Master Blevins commitment to excellence for helping shape my son into amazing young man he is becoming.
-Mary Ellen G.

At Blue Wave Martial Arts, I have found motivation, confidence and fitness but more importantly, best friends and family. No matter the class, be it martial arts, cross training or kick boxing, my fellow classmates keep each other inspired and driven. We are there to pick each other up or push each other to do more both inside and outside of class. I love going to any of the classes and am never bored, but I have been tired, sweaty and sore on most occasions. Master Blevins have changed me into a more confident and thinner person, and my Blue Wave family has made me respected and loved.
– Tess B.