Are you Bored?

All too often I will enroll a brand new martial arts student who has visions of “ninja-dom” in their eyes. They are certain that within a few weeks they will have answered the call and become the warrior of the ages. Oops…nope. Realization sets in that it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of persistence to become a skilled martial artist. They become “bored”. I have students who are experienced 10 year veterans (or 20 or 25) and they are still searching and researching and practicing and training. Trying to get better at the fundamentals and even the most basic of beginner techniques. Incidentally, they are the same students who I would point to as being the most skilled and dangerous students in my program.

We see it in our fitness program as well. “It’s been 2 whole months and I haven’t lost any weight!” Never mind that this person has probably lost 5-8 pounds of fat and replaced it with muscle. They have lost an inch around their waist and can now do 20 real pushups. But, hey they are becoming bored with the “endless” routine of watching their sweets and training 3 days a week. Right next to them, making no noise, is a 40-year-old mother of 3 who has been training hard for 10 years, can do 3 pullups and 50 pushups, and can last during an entire Kickboxing class. She might not make it to the cover of Shape Magazine but she is darn tough, mighty fit and will have a flat tummy into old age.

I firmly believe that becoming bored is a translation for the phrase “I am not patient”. Or, “I have forgotten my goals”. If you have set some really firm (reachable) goals and strive to attain them without watching the calendar too closely I doubt you will ever become bored.

More later…

Master B