Cross TrainingCrossMatt

How Do We Define It?
Cross Training is a class that is about equally divided between cardio and strength activities. There is also a heavy dose of explosiveness, agility, and balance sprinkled in. In Cross Training we incorporate a variety of strength and endurance activities to keep your muscles guessing and keep you from daydreaming. Are you into endurance races like the Spartan Race or Mud Run? Cross Training at Blue Wave will help you improve your times and performance. By the way you should also check out Boot Camp, Strength Training and Lunch Crunch. Please Click HERE for a class schedule.

MeganWhat Kinds of Activities in Class?
Cross Training is designed to help you manage your body weight better in the space around you. Sometimes we do a little running but not too far. Core strength? The heart and soul of our class is a deep appreciation for core training and the benefits to athletic life that come from a properly trained core area. To get there we do quite a bit of abdominal work combined with complex movements that incorporate the (already tired) abdominals. Come to Cross Training and watch your strength, fitness and shape improve with each passing week. And, while our goal is to place emphasis on truly functional fitness… the changes to the way you look will amaze you. By the way, no two Cross Training classes are ever the same. We try to make sure that class content is always fresh, changing, and interesting.​ For more information or a FREE PASS click the button below.

Who Should Do It?CrossAshley
Probably one of the biggest problems with being an adult is the fact that we don’t enjoy random play like we did when we were kids. In random play there is a constant stream of new physical challenges that the young body learns to quickly adapt to. That randomness creates the kind vigor that we see associated with youth. They didn’t start that way as babies for sure but they learned that from interactions with their friends. In Cross Training we try to replicate that randomness so you learn to reclaim your youth and athleticism. Creating stronger muscle and ligament connections around joints, learning to stop and start quicker, and instantly changing from upper body to lower body (remember climbing trees?) are the ways we put classes together. So, to answer the question above, anyone wanting to feel and act younger should do Cross Training.


“In Novemer 2013, I wanted to lose some unwanted pounds and “shape up” before the holidays so that I could feel good about myself in some holiday dresses. Thirty days later, I had lost the unwanted weight and started feeling fit. The team of instructors, the clean facility, and the people I met in the classes kept me “coming back for more.” In May of 2014, at age 57, I signed up for a 14-week fitness challenge named HARDCORPS. It is now the end of the challenge and I feel the most fit I’ve ever been in my life! Yes, it was challenging, but it was a great experience with great results. I’m looking forward to doing it again next summer. The short-term intention of getting fit for the holidays has turned into a long-term intention of staying fit and healthy for life.”
– Patti H.

“Blue Wave is the way to go if you want to get fit and have fun doing it. Their instructors are fun and energetic and are always challenging you mentally and physically. I actually look forward to working out!”
– Lisa K.

“I’ve been attending Blue Wave for about 3 years. A friend invited me to attend a class for free. I declined…I was too scared and out of shape. I had hung up my cleats after playing competitive soccer for 35 years. I was lost. I knew I needed to be more active and stop feeling sorry for myself. Finally, after 3 months of my friend bugging me to attend…I went. It was challenging yet rewarding. The instructors were helpful and encouraging. The people were friendly and accepting. I’m now hooked. I’ve been attending the Kickboxing and Cross Training classes. It was the best decision I made. Blue Wave instructors will guide you through your fitness journey whether you are just beginning or already fit. Come check out a free class, you’ll be hooked in no time.”
– Leah S.