Boot Camp Class

Blue Wave Boot Camp

What is Boot Camp Class?
Boot Camp at Blue Wave in Wentzville is a fantastic way to bring your fitness level up a notch. As adults, most of us have forgotten how strenuous  “playing” was when we were children. In Boot Camp classes we try to re-create that fun. We work on core stabilization, body-weight strength, agility-coordination, explosiveness, and endurance in ways that will leave you smiling and sweaty. Most of the time we will use equipment like medicine balls, sand bags, or slosh tubes to give a little challenge to the way we move our body through space. Short sprints, crazy calisthenics, interval work, plyometric drills, and lots of insane offshoot variations of old exercise favorites are on the activity menu for Fitness Boot Camp. Sometimes will do partner work or even team drills to increase the fun factor. In the winter and/or nasty weather we hold class in our studio but, during nice weather, we will likely go outdoors. Boot Camp classes borrow some exercises from military-style boot camp training, a bit from martial arts training, and you might even see some football, soccer or baseball drills. Interested in Boot Camp? Check out the class schedule by clicking the button below.

Fitness Boot CampWhat fitness level is Boot Camp?
Truly all fitness levels can do Boot Camp. If you have been inactive but are willing to get up and move you can do Fitness Boot Camp. If you have an injury that you are trying to take care of you can still do Boot Camp. The fact is most people have needs and situations that require modifications to at least some of the exercises and activities we do. And, if you are the picture of health (or already a beast) then get ready to get tough with this workout. We have had a lot of success stories where folks have taken the gains achieved in Boot Camp classes and translated that into training for marathons and triathlons. You will find our class full of crazy fun and unique challenges unlike any class you have ever been in. To take advantage or our $29 Fitness Special please click the button below.

Boot Camp at Blue Wave

Who does Boot Camp?
Anyone in Wentzville, Lake St. Louis, Troy, St. Peters, O’Fallon or Chesterfield who is looking for a really fun alternative to their current fitness routine. Do you want to lose weight or lose inches? Get stronger? Improve Adventure Race performance? Then you are the kind of person who does Fitness Boot Camp. Ages in class range from high school to athletes well into their 50’s. Class sizes range from 8 – 15. You will find that the mood is contagious and addictive. No one ever yells at you in Boot Camp but, because you’re having fun, you will likely do more than you ever thought possible. We are easy to access. Blue Wave is conveniently located at the intersection of I-70 and I-40/64 in Wentzville but also near Lake St. Louis, St. Peters, Troy and O’fallon. And, Chesterfield is only 10 minutes away. Note: Check out Strength Training, Lunch Crunch and Cross Training. These are also great classes and there are several days and times to choose from.


“I was not on a mission when I joined Blue Wave Martial Arts & Fitness 8 month ago. I joined simply because I knew that it was time to get some type of physical activity going and because it was such an inviting atmosphere. Eight months later, I have lost 16 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. It might not seem like much to most, but that’s most of the 20 pounds that I was overweight. My clothes fit better, and even I look forward to running when I’m not at a Blue Wave fitness class. I have also regained the strength, muscle tone, and endurance I had in my early twenties. I truly feel 15 years younger. My overall attitude has improved dramatically and my energy level is strong all day long.
Starting with the Kickboxing classes and moving up to Boot Camp has put me in a position now that I look forward to some type of exercise every day. It feels great. Blue Wave is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. Thanks Blue Wave!”
– John S.

“Dave and the Blue Wave Staff are Excellent! You can really tell the difference in your fitness level when you train with professionals rather than trying to train yourself. There are also a lot of great people that work out and train there.
–  Chad M.

“In July 2013, a year ago, I was looking to sign up for a fitness class close to home. Conveniently located next to Starbucks (one of my favorite places in Lake Saint Louis) is Blue Wave, so my daughter and I just stopped in one day to check it out. I picked up a schedule and found out the first class was free, tried it out and the rest is history. Not only did I find a fitness class that worked with my schedule, but I found a group of people who are completely awesome, accepting, and supportive. Prior to working out at Blue Wave, I mostly ran, cycled a little, and swam a bit. I was somewhat fit, when it came to endurance, but I wasn’t strong. A year later, I am addicted. I am so strong. I look better. I love going to my classes. I love the instructors and my new fitness friends. They are so supportive and welcoming. I would highly recommend this fitness studio for anyone looking for an awesome workout and to gain strength and fitness. One of the best choices I ever made.”
– Debby G.