Do you feel swept up?

What is your passion? Do you feel like you are riding on the crest of the wave in your current endeavors? Are you swept up in a physical and emotional maelstrom while you pursue excellence in some activity or field of study? See, here’s the thing. I have known people who have lost 50 lbs. because of a swimming lifestyle. Others who have gone from couch potato to triathlete. Metamorphosed from shy and timid to a roaring tiger of leadership due to martial arts training. I don’t think it matters. I actually think that a coach, while helpful, is not nearly as important in the transformation as the commitment and desire of the individual wanting change. That individual will milk any coach, trainer or teacher dry. Anyone who really desires to change and become excellent in any pursuit will actually cause their coach to grow as well. What do you need to do? Set a goal. Now go for it. And go hard!

More later…

Master B