The Extra Mile

Are you the kind of person who does what is expected or do you go the extra mile? The vast majority of any population set is “average” on the bell-shaped curve. In other words, you can imagine what most people will provide or accomplish based on what is most likely seen from others. If you want to set yourself apart just do a bit more.

Just Dress Up a Little

There is a trend now among millennials to show up at any event just looking like whatever they happen to look like. Gone are the days of dressing up for church, for school or for work. Hair uncombed, teeth not brushed, etc. No extra mile here. The expectation is to just accept them as they are. Problem is, we do. We accept the version of them that is un-cared for. I’m not sure that is the best idea.

What is your favorite food or yummy meal? Chances are it is something that someone (who loves you) put a lot of care and time into. Funny thing is that care and love has a taste that is unmistakable. It provides a memory that is life-lasting. Even a whiff of the scent of that food transports you to another time and place. Not an accident. Definitely an extra mile.

Do More to Get More

It is no secret that the best performing companies are the companies who provide the best customer service. A company that goes above and beyond to service the customer with education and follow-up is a company that is creating a long-term relationship. It may seem that the customer is getting the better end of the deal here but most business owners would agree that attracting and retaining customers is the number one priority. A customer who will drive an extra mile to come and see you is golden. And that is worth every minute spent.

Are you giving yourself your best customer service? Are you using only the freshest ingredients in your life? Do you put your best foot forward in everything you do? How about the next time you work out you do a few extra reps or a few more pounds. Go a little longer or a little faster. After all, you are worth it.

More later…

Master B