Hard CorpsGet Ready For Hard Corps

What is it?
Hard Corps is a special fitness challenge program that we have developed and refined here at Blue Wave over the course of the last 8 years. The Hard Corps challenge is typically held twice a year (Spring and Fall) lasting for as little as four weeks and as long as fourteen weeks. Every challenge has been different. There a lot of components to the program including a higher than normal class attendance, “after-hours” classes, specially crafted weekly workouts, “out of your comfort zone” activities, and awesome Blue Wave parties and social nights. The end result is a more fit, more fun, and more confident you! Hard Corps is all about helping to push you to that next level of fitness performance while keeping it fun.

Hard Corps WinnersWhy do it?
The idea is to survive the entire Hard Corps challenge and earn the coveted elite title of Blue Wave Hard Corps Survivor. In doing so you will have uncovered skills, talents and abilities that you never knew you had.  And, the top survivors each time are recognized and crowned Hard Corps Winner. Past winners have for most attendance, most inches lost, or possibly most completed “special” challenges. The program is designed to shove you out of your comfort zone to help push past your previous personal boundaries. Members have shared with us how it was never easy, but always amazing and very worthwhile. Their participation and survival in Hard Corps helped increase confidence both physically and mentally. Another common comment by Hard Corps survivors is that completion also comes with the very nice benefits of new friendships as well as becoming more physically fit and shapely. And, quite often other family members want to join in the fun.

Who can do it?Hard Corps is Fun!
Any Blue Wave Fitness member. Yes really!! All you need is the determination to do it. Time and time again survivors tell us, they joined thinking they could not do it, and they DID! While it certainly is not going to be easy you can do it, and you will be so proud that you did.

What can you expect?
Expect to challenge yourself. Though you might be nervous about participating, you will be so glad and proud that you did. Challenges in the past have included: the burpee challenge, vacation fitness video, and togetherness family workouts. Many of our Hard Corps activities have been silly and and many have been tough. Some challenges help you to form stronger friendships with other Blue Wave Members while others let you stretch your solo limits. You may get to do something you have never done before like running a 5K race, dressing up in costume for class, or biking 30 miles in one day.

Hard Corps SquatHow did it all begin?
Back in 2008 we at Blue Wave decided we wanted more than your average workout experience. While we had some great programs (Martial Arts, Personal Training and Kickboxing) we knew that we should step it up and bring something new for clients to experience. So, we put together a “camping-style” event highlighting diverse and extreme workout classes while spending the weekend away. The participants were a select group of high performing fitness enthusiasts from our Personal Training and Kickboxing program who all had hopes of capturing the ultimate workout feeling while creating some great memories. We called that our Ultimate Fitness Weekend and everyone in attendance agreed that it was the ULTIMATE experience in outdoor exercise, gourmet food, creating new friendships, and generally fabulous (and tiring) fun.  In 2009 we had an encore presentation of our Ultimate Fitness Weekend with Ultimate “Days” and “Afternoons” in follow-up years. In each case we moved one step closer to what we really wanted for our membership. Namely, we wanted to create an exceptional and extreme setting that gave participants a real reason to be proud. A way to showcase how different our programs (and clients) were from the “big-box” gyms. That development over the last several years brings us to where we are now and what we call our HARD CORPS fitness challenge. Each Hard Corps varies in length and scope but has in common the requirements of a step up in intensity, a sense of camaraderie with the other participants, and an energy level that works to boost our entire operation here at Blue Wave.

Testimonials:Hard Corps Challenges
“My friends and family saw me totally engaged in the challenge, which I think impressed them very much. Especially since time spent doing the challenges became a priority that they all noticed. I think they appreciated the commitment we had toward staying up for the challenges. Most were very supportive with Facebook comments and conversations each week. A lot wanted to know more about the challenges and exactly what hard corps was. A few even wanted to be tied-in so they could play along too!” –Doug Flora

“I feel the Hard Corps challenge has made me stronger physically and mentally. The work outs were super hard and it was hard to find the time. Some nights I was up til midnight trying to complete them. I came very close to quitting in the end but thanks to Dave,and my Blue Wave friends, I didn’t. I am very thankful for their care & concern. My clothes are looser on me, I’m in need of a new swim suit and I have a lot of muscle… EVERYWHERE 🙂 My fitness journey continues and have a new attitude…I can do anything!” –Tonya Smothers

“At first I was very nervous about the challenge; I am typically not a person who likes to post about myself on social media. But after talking to Tammy and Dave, they reassured me it would be great and that it would be no big deal to my Facebook friends. But in fact it was a big deal, in a good way. I got super positive feedback from all of my friends and family. Even from people I haven’t seen in a very long time. I motivated my sister and a few friends to start their own fitness journey. Putting myself out there with all my accomplishments at first felt like I was showing off, but in fact it highlighted my personal fitness journey and all I’ve been through up to this point.” – Shannon Rowley