Doug Flora

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Doug Flora – A man of many Gifts
I know that many have a heavy heart regarding Doug’s passing…so do I. But, I also have a feeling of exultation and an uplifted spirit because I was privileged enough to know Doug.

I first became acquainted with Doug Flora when, as a parent, he supported his son […]

Get Swept Up

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Do you feel swept up?
What is your passion? Do you feel like you are riding on the crest of the wave in your current endeavors? Are you swept up in a physical and emotional maelstrom while you pursue excellence in some activity or field of study? See, here’s the thing. I have known people […]

Sugar Free and Weight Loss Update

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Still Sugar Free and Weight Loss!
So, I have now been sugar free for 2 weeks. I won’t drag it out but here is the tale of the tape including weight loss.

Weight – down 2 lbs (from 220.2 – 218)

Waistline – down 1.25 inches (39 – 37.75)

Bodyfat – down half a percentage point (from 17.7% […]

A Quick Sugar Update

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Update on Sugar Free 30 Days
So far Sugar-Free is going great. I had one little foul-up and ended up eating trace elements of salsa that had added sugar. I doubt if I even consumed 1 gram with my goof. Honestly, the biggest change was substituting half-n-half in place of my Carnation French Vanilla creamer. […]

Becoming Bored

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Are you Bored?
All too often I will enroll a brand new martial arts student who has visions of “ninja-dom” in their eyes. They are certain that within a few weeks they will have answered the call and become the warrior of the ages. Oops…nope. Realization sets in that it takes a lot of hard […]

Going the Extra Mile

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The Extra Mile
Are you the kind of person who does what is expected or do you go the extra mile? The vast majority of any population set is “average” on the bell-shaped curve. In other words, you can imagine what most people will provide or accomplish based on what is most likely seen from […]

Patience and Endurance Through Hardship

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Do you have Patience?
Patience is more than a virtue. It is a skill that gets better with practice. And endurance is more mental that you might believe.

This most recent Saturday we held a training clinic for all Brown Belts and Black Belts. This clinic was not exclusively for my own students but also for […]

Fresh Fruit

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Fresh Fruit in the “sugar-free” lifestyle
I like cheese…as I mentioned yesterday…but I really like to pair cheese with fresh fruit. Now, for the purposes of this 30 day journey, I am trying to stay withing the confines of fresh fruit and not use canned or dried fruit for the most part. There is obviously […]

Big Cheese

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Big Cheese Assortment
Do you feel like you are the Big Cheese. Are you All That? I just saw a commercial on television where John Stamos says, “I’m just a regular guy. Just kidding, I am actually Spectacular!” Well, many of the articles and reports that I have read give an account whereby the person […]

Not Sugar Free

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I’m not sugar free because I already messed up!
Not sugar free? I was completely sugar free (for all of 24 hours) until I wasn’t. Yesterday (Thursday) I thought it would be a great “sugar free” idea to have some scrambled eggs with salsa. So wrong! After scooping out 3 healthy sized tablespoons of my […]