Karate Kubs
Preschool Program

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About Karate Kubs
Karate Kubs is a preschool martial arts program (ages 3 1/2 – 5) that is heavy in the fun category but also helps to mirror skills and learning that your child is also doing in their regular preschool. We work on counting and the alphabet while practicing cooperation with others and following directions. Throughout the class we work on the skills and drills that are borrowed right out of our regular martial arts program. Karate Kubs meets once or twice a week for 30 minutes. The beginner session runs for 6 weeks meeting once a week, and the open session is ongoing. Call us today and get your child enrolled for our beginner session!


What Is The Class Like?
Our Karate Kubs class has a maximum size of 8. We have a curriculum that we try to get through but we stress the needs of the child over our need to get through the material. In other words, we want to make this preschool class FUN for the kids.

The other big priority is SAFETY. So, the class takes a balanced approach between high energy activities and some quiet time to calm down. Karate Kubs will have take home activity pages, a folder to hold their awards, and fun patches and a uniform. The first thing to do is get your child enrolled in a Beginners session which lasts 6 weeks. After the first session your Karate Kub is welcome to join in with the other Kubs in the open Kubs class.

What Will My Child Learn in Karate Kubs?
All Karate Kubs will learn basic martial arts skills in a way that is appropriate for preschool aged children. Our hope is that, when they turn 5, they will feel confident to enter our Karate Kids classes (ages 5-9). Proper stances, hand techniques, kicks and partner interaction is all on the menu. Also, besides punching, kicking, and blocking, your child will become better at counting, saying the alphabet, listening to directions, and cooperating with others in a fun learning environment.

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