Our Cardio Kickboxing ProgramCardio Kickboxing Class
Kickboxing at Blue Wave is a great workout (with great music) that is a lot of cardio fun. And yes, we hit the bags! Sometimes called Aerobic Kickboxing or Fitness Kickboxing, we have several morning and evening time slots to choose from for this class.  You will be working out in a clean and spacious studio with plenty of kicking bags to go around. Our Wentzville location (near the intersection of I-70 and I-40/64) is convenient for most of St. Charles County. We have plenty of parking, the decor is tasteful, the instructors are great, and each workout is always a little different from the last one. Blue Wave Kickboxing is a high intensity cardio workout that is challenging but in a way that leaves you feeling charged up and in charge. You may have tried other classes – even other kickboxing classes – but if you haven’t done Kickboxing at Blue Wave then get ready for some crazy cardio fun! By the way, to see a schedule of our other fitness classes you can see a class schedule by clicking the link button below.


Blue Wave KickboxingWill Kickboxing help me lose weight?
A typical Blue Wave Kickboxing class will burn 700 – 800 calories (which is a pretty good amount). Burning more calories than you take in is the key to losing weight and inches. If you are having enough fun that you want to come back 2 or 3 times a week you will start to see some pretty amazing things happen to your body. Another issue in weight loss is your resting metabolic rate. When you are stronger, fitter and more active you will burn more calories even when you are resting. Therefore, the key is having a regular exercise routine so come to Cardio Kickboxing Class often and watch those changes happen.

What do you do in Kickboxing?Kickboxing Bag Work
Blue Wave Kickboxing has a lot of aerobic activity in every class. In fact it is the most aerobic program we offer. In other words we get your body heated up, your metabolism revved up, and we keep that up for the better part of an hour. To do that we definitely punch or kick heavy bags. Plus, we might lift kettlebells or dumbbells, add in some abdominal work and toning for the glutes, or maybe even a little jump rope. Towards the end of class we will emphasize a body part like glutes or abdominals for a little shaping and toning. Finally, at the end, comes the cool down and stretch. If you have tried the rest then you owe it to yourself to come to Blue Wave for the BEST! To take advantage of our $29 Fitness Special please click the button below.



“I believe my first class was sometime around February 2012.  Since then, I have lost over 40 pounds and feel so much better about myself and my health. While it seemed a bit intense at first, Kickboxing Weight Lossthe rigorous and high energy class is now something that I miss when I am travelling and look forward to when I return. Dave, his staff, and even fellow members never make you feel inadequate or give you any reason to be intimidated or embarrassed no matter your age or the shape you are in when you begin. This doesn’t mean that they don’t push you to do your best though! With a flexible schedule and wide array of class offerings, there are solutions for everyone.  I’m the type of person who has not stuck with workout programs and clubs in the past because I know that if I can go anytime I want,I would eventually find reasons to talk myself into not going and I would fail. Having classes and familiar faces makes it feel like an”appointment” I have that I must keep with the group.  Just when you think you have accomplished everything the trainers can throw at you, they develop new tactics to help you push yourself to a new level.  While there are days I am surprised as to how sore I am after a particular workout,I have a saying I openly, and with admiration, share with Dave from time to time. “I hate coming…but I love leaving”.  I say this because there is nothing better than the feeling after a great workout!  The hardest part is walking through the door.”
– Joe Z.

“As a former cardio junkie, I have to say I have been overwhelmed and surprised with the results I have found at Blue Wave.  A friend recommended Master Blevins to me a few years ago. She said it was the best workout she had ever had, and I have to say I was a bit skeptical.  After all, I had been running for most of my life and had taken several classes along the way.  But….I can’t thank her enough for sharing her “secret” with me! I have never seen the results and energy that come with kickboxing and fitness training at Blue Wave. Dave has a gentle yet persuasive way of encouraging everyone to achieve their utmost potential.  You get what you put into it, and he gives you every opportunity to give it all and then some. You really can do more than you think.  I had upper back pain and have now built strength around those weak muscles that I once thought would stop me from exercising. Every time I work out, I am amazed that Dave finds a new muscle to challenge! I am now stronger and more confident than I have ever been.  If you want to lose inches and feel better about yourself mentally and physically,then this is the only place to go.  I have been to gyms for the past 30 years and none compare to the challenge and results you get from Blue Wave!”
– Lynn M.

“I am a 40 something couch potato who woke up and realized I seriously needed to take better care of myself. After losing some weight I was ready to take the next step getting more active and co-workers/friends had been raving over BlueWave/Dave/cardio-kickboxing. I was terrified but somehow gathered the courage to try a class and I survived! Not only did I survive, it was fun – don’t get me wrong, it was hard but it was fun too! Dave and his crew are so nice, the other people who attend classes are so nice – even though it was so far outside of my comfort zone it was okay, better than okay. Now I look forward to going, every class is different (you never know what you are in for!), the music and Dave or Tammy make it fun yet challenging. It is an overall body workout – I’ve ended up having sore muscles I didn’t even know existed! Overall I feel so much healthier and have so much more energy; THANK YOU Blue Wave!!!”
– Heather H.