Lunch CrunchLunch1

Who Comes to Lunch Crunch?
We have designed Lunch Crunch with the working professional in mind. We are located near the intersection of I-70 and I-64/40 in Wentzville giving you easy access from Lake St. Louis, O’Fallon, Troy, and even Chesterfield. This convenient location combined with a fast and furious workout will allow you to get in a workout during the lunch hour and still make it back to work on time. By the way, for some similar classes please check out Boot Camp and Strength Training. Click HERE for a schedule of our classes.

Lunch2What Can You Expect?
Similar to Boot Camp in scope except we always stay inside. That leaves you with a solid 45 minute workout without any fluff and still leaves you time to get back to the job. We will get your heart rate up and definitely chew some major calories. Caution: You may find yourself pumped and energized all day after class. Use Lunch Crunch to get yourself on the way to a leaner body, a healthier state of mind, and feeling awesome when you go back to work! In addition to fast-paced and fun we might do relay races, competitive team games, strength and balance challenges, and absolutely some kind of core or “crunch” component. One thing is certain: You never really know what is going to happen in class! To take advantage or our $29 Fitness Special please click the button below.

Who Can do Lunch Crunch?Lunch3
Anyone who can get away during lunch! This class is fast paced, but if you feel you need to take a break it is absolutely okay to step out and recover. Our instructors are always happy to help with exercise modifications. Our goal, is to help you meet your fitness needs in the way that best fits you and your current fitness level. We have a range of fitness levels in crunch class and the other members here are caring and fun to be around.



“Blue Wave is the best fitness experience I’ve had. The classes are tough and engaging and always different. The instructors are very knowledgeable, professional and truly concerned about your well-being. If you want to be in the best shape of your life I highly recommend going in to try a class. I have been at Blue Wave for over 2 years now and have lost 50 pounds and 4 sizes since starting there. It has been the best decision of my life.”
– Ryan R.

“Looking for fit AND fun? Try Blue Wave’s free week pass! Their top notch instructors can help you improve not only your body but also your life! I did and I love it!”
– Sheree B.

“I was looking for a new kickboxing institute when I discovered Blue Wave. I absolutely loved how the instructors can make you feel like you can do anything while making you sweat. From Kickboxing to Lunch Crunch to Boot Camp, the instructors will push your body so you can see results. I will never have to look for a new place because I love coming to a facility where everyone knows your name and encourages you to challenge yourself. Love Blue Wave!”
– Missy D.