Master David Blevins

IMG_6549Master David Blevins was born in Independence, Missouri on July 8, 1960 and lived most of the early part of his life in and around the Kansas City metropolitan area.  He attended Truman High School in Independence where his accomplishments included state musical honors for trumpet solo and a spot on the Kansas City all-metro team for Football.  His martial arts training began in 1975 at the local Y.M.C.A. under Black Belt Jim Copeland. Later, at age 19, Blevins enrolled as a student at Chung’s Karate School in Kansas City, Missouri. There he trained directly under Grand Master Yong Taek Chung. It was here that David Blevins earned his Black Belt and was named the Assistant Instructor under Master Chung at only 24 years of age. In 1988 David Blevins married (Susan) and the couple lived in Kansas City for a year before coming back to Susan’s hometown (the St. Louis area). Once here they settled in to open a traditional martial art studio. On November 1, 1989 the Fitness Foundation was born at 500 S. 5th Street in St. Charles, Missouri. Two years later the studio moved a mile west into the Country Club Shopping Center (also in St. Charles). It was during this time that Master Blevins attended Lindenwood College, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with the honor of being named the Top Math student for that year. In 1991 Blevins became certified as a Personal Trainer under the American Council on Exercise.

On May 6, 1995 a Master’s exam was held at the Country Club Plaza location under the direction of Grand Master Yong Taek Chung.  The candidates, Tracy Salamander and David Blevins, IMG_9753were Grand Master Chung’s first 2 students to pass this level and achieve their 5th Degree Blackbelt (Master) rating.  A year later the Fitness Foundation changed its name and became Blue Wave Martial Arts and Fitness. Master Blevins then moved the school and all the students to Fort Zumwalt Square in O’Fallon, Missouri where he continued to teach the same traditional martial art he had been taught.  The name “Blue Wave” is in reference to the birthplace of Tae Kwon Do – the Chung Do Kwan (or Blue Wave Institute). The original Chung Do Kwan is where it Tae Kwon Do began in Korea and also where Yong Taek Chung trained under the direction of Great Grandmaster Won Kuk Lee.  Additionally in 1995, Blue Wave began to offer fitness programs including personal training, cardio kickboxing, and boot camp. As a side note, David Blevins continued his love for music during the 90’s by playing trumpet in the Lindenwood Brass Quintet and also for a time with the St. Louis Philharmonic.

In October, 2004 Master Blevins was awarded his 6th Degree Black Belt by Grand Master Chung. And in January, 2008 Blue Wave moved to their current location in Lake St. Louis. Blevins brings 40 years of martial arts and fitness experience to St. Charles County.  He has worked as a volunteer teaching Tae Kwon Do in the St. Charles, Francis Howell, and Fort Zumwalt School Districts. Blevins has taught mathematics, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing and self-defense for University of Missouri, St. Charles Community College and Lindenwood University. For 2 years Master Blevins taught martial arts classes at the Missouri School for the Blind. He has been a personal trainer to aspiring professional football players, tri-athletes, high school baseball standouts cancer patients, and lots and lots of regular folks aspiring to excellence in fitness. Master Blevins has taught Tae Kwon Do to children, teens, adults, wheelchair bound students and deaf students. Many of his martial art students from the past 25 years have likewise become instructors and teach in their own facilities. Similarly, some kickboxing students and fitness clients have become fitness instructors and are currently teach in the St. Louis area.

Family1When he is not at Blue Wave David Blevins enjoys time spent with his family. Attending sports, music and academic events for his children takes a lot of his free time. Other hobbies include playing the Native American Flute and getting out in the woods improving his bush-craft/woodcraft skills. The Blevins household also includes 3 dogs, 5 cats, 25 chickens, and an unknown number of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

Having taught and coached in this area for 27 years Master Blevins is the hands down choice to oversee your martial arts and fitness training no matter what your age or fitness ability. His knowledge and expertise can help you become an amazing martial artist or elite athlete in the sport of your choice. If you are just getting started in the subject of fitness you will definitely appreciate his fun and easy going approach to the many choices that are available to you. Join the thousands who have enjoyed the tough love that marks his classes. Whether you are interested in pursuing general health and fitness, improving your triathlon times, getting started in weight training, or learning the traditional martial art of a bygone era you owe it to yourself to check out Master Blevins’ classes and see what he can do for you.