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Your Machine!
Any machine needs fuel to run. Especially if that machine is a high performance variety that can perform calculations, demonstrate manual dexterity, and heal itself. Of course the machine we are talking about is your body. You own a very complex device that will, in most cases, last decades. However, to not only make it last but also operate at a high level and accomplish amazing things, we have to be careful and planful about what kind of fuel we choose. For those who are trying to lose weight our food choices can make that task very rewarding or sheer torture. For those who are involved in some type of athletic training our food choices can spell the difference between feeling run down or setting records. What kind of food choices do you make? Would you like some help?  At Blue Wave we want to help you with that part of the health and fitness equation and  so have created a nutritional coaching program.

Nutrition InformationNew Program!
For 2017 Blue Wave is hosting “NEWtrition in the New Year”. This 4 week program kicks off Wednesday, January 18th. The nutrition specialist we are collaborating with is Sharon Jones, a certified nutrition coach. You can READ HER BIO HERE. Our goal with this program is to help you kick off your health and fitness plan in a way that will drive your success PAST the first of the year. To teach you how to incorporate proper nutrition (including the things you LOVE) and exercise to help you reach healthier and happier and fitter YOU. This program is not a fad diet or “food prison” but rather a balanced and scientific look at how blood sugar affects fat loss and athletic performance. A new way to think about nutrition without feeling starved, and incorporate the foods you love. We will also provide you with strategies to help while eating out, at parties, and of course everyday life!!

NEWtrition in the New Year starts Wednesday, January 18th

Get registered ASAP!Master David Blevins
Cost:     Current Blue Wave Members – $80 ($90 after January 1st)

This Includes:

• Weekly group nutrition counseling with Certified Nutritionalist Sharon Jones
• Access to private facebook group with the other program participants to ask questions, solicit support, and ask fitness, and nutrition based questions to trainers, and nutritionalist.
• Weekly weigh ins, before and after measurements and meal planning.

Call us or email to get registered.
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