Personal Training & Group Training

One On One TrainingPer4

Need a Personal Trainer?
Personal Training needs to address the individual so we customize everything to you. You get to work one on one with a trainer who has experience and who can connect with you and help reach your personal goals. Your workouts will specifically address the issues you want to cover in a way that makes definable progress. Even if your goals are something amazing like climbing Mount Everest or the Boston Marathon – we can accommodate you (and have already for other clients). You won’t get lost in the shuffle here because we make your success our priority. And, as much as the training is very challenging, our studio and staff are personal and supportive.

Per1How Often?
Our location at the intersection of I-70 and I-64/40 in Wentzville makes it convenient for many to train here. We have clients that see us here in the gym every day. Conversely, some clients are challenged by their work or travel schedule so they can only make it in once a week. Obviously training regularly will maximize your results we also know that sometimes life gets in the way. That is what is so great about Personal Training at Blue Wave. We can tailor the schedule around you. And yes, you can still achieve some results only coming occasionally. Especially if you augment what you do here with some workouts at home or in the hotel fitness center. We have even been known to talk clients (through video conferencing) from as far away as China!

Talk About Diet…
While we are not registered dietitians we do know a thing or two about the role nutrition plays in sports performance and fitness conditioning. If you would like us to help you with that part of your plan all you have to do is ask. But you should know that we are all about healthy whole foods and not so much into pills and shakes. Our recommendations will follow that line of thought.

What Happens During a Workout?
We will first have a short consultation (free) with you to determine your goals/wants/likes etc. Then, each workout will be designed to bring those goals to fruition. If your goal is to lose three Per6inches around your waist then your workouts will probably include a lot of fat-burning cardio components along with some strength training to increase your metabolic output. If you are an adventure race enthusiast then you will be getting a healthy dose of agility and core strength training in your sessions. Fitness plans are as diverse as personalities. Let us help you with your plan!

Youth Sports Conditioning
Do you have a young athlete with aspirations for elite level play? Let us work with that boy or girl and we will help them achieve their potential. We can work on aspects of their sport here that often get overlooked in the big group practices. And, while we will certainly strive to challenge that young athlete, we will do so in a way that remains safe and within guidelines that keep young bodies developing naturally. We want them to be successful and have a long and happy career in the sport of their choice.

Small Group TrainingPer10

Groups Up to 4
Small group training is a great way to achieve the benefits of personal Training and also have some quality time with family or friends. We don’t charge extra to have groups as large as 4 so this keeps your workouts effective and also more affordable. You simply take the cost of the training package and split it among your group. Sometimes a small group working together in friendly competition can be very effective to help motivate everyone involved and bring out greater results from each individual.

Per3Are the Small Group Workouts Effective?
We always recommend that your workout partner(s) have similar goals and fitness levels. That will allow us to maximize the effectiveness of your training time. When all of you are working towards the same end we can get some amazing things accomplished during your session. And, many find the quality time spent together with a few friends to really go far in cementing friendships.

Can I Train With My Spouse (Son, Daughter, etc)
Yes with one caveat. Remember that more than 1 coach during a workout is counter-productive. Read the part above about similar goals and fitness levels.

Team Training at Blue WavePer8

Off Season
Ok, so your season has ended and you are looking for a way to improve for next year. Enter Team Training! Maybe your team has great strength but not enough explosiveness. Or, maybe you have great speed but not so great endurance. You may even be interested in building a better sense of camaraderie and cohesiveness. Team Training is a great way to keep the team together during the off-season AND work on addressing specific needs that the coach has identified. Call us so we can talk through a plan for a successful next season.

Team Training can also be great for corporate applications. Do you have a mentoring program in your office? Would you like a leadership for you new Junior Managers? Are you considering  team building for a new group that is coming together? Team Training at Blue Wave will use specific drills and activities that accentuate effective planning, leadership, confidence, and cooperation. Talk to us about your ideas and let us help.

We Are Pretty Darn Good At Most Everything But…
Our forte is in helping develop functional fitness, agility and core strength in athletes of all ages. Often workouts will be body-weight only but we also have a lot of interesting equipment so anything is always fair game. We can work indoors or outdoors and have occasionally worked in the water. Programs can vary in length from 1 week to 3 months. Call our helpful Blue Wave staff and arrange a consultation time so we can explore all of these options together with you.

Master Blevins is a 6th Degree Black Belt Master in Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing Instructor and Fitness Trainer. He began his martial arts training in 1975. In high school football won honors as a Division 4-A All-Metro Offensive Lineman in the Kansas City area in 1977. He has owned and operated his studio in the St. Charles County area since 1989. Master Blevins became a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise in 1992. He has been a fitness and combat instructor for the Missouri School for the Blind, United States Marine Corps, University of Missouri, Lindenwood University, St. Charles Community College as well as various local youth athletic teams. Blevins has trained and coached clients for Kilimanjaro and Everest ascents, competitive bodybuilding, the Ironman Race, NFL tryouts, and competitive pistol shooting. For a more complete profile CLICK HERE.

“I began at Blue Wave participating in the fitness classes in February of 2008 and joined my children as a Martial Arts student in October of that same year.  I had tried many different gyms, classes, and Blue Wave is where I stayed. I had spent much of my adult professional career as an IT manager at MasterCard International until I decided to pursue a fitness and martial arts career in 2011, when I began working at Blue Wave as a fitness instructor.  I earned my AFAA Personal training certification in 2011 along with exercise injury prevention, stretching,group fitness, kickboxing, and group strength training fitness certifications over the past couple years.  I also earned my Cho Dan black belt in April of 2013 from Master Blevins. I love working at Blue Wave because here, I get to share my passions, help people meet their goals.  To learn more about Tammy visit her on our STAFF PAGE

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“I have been working with different personal trainers for over 20 years. I believe if you’re going to spend time in the gym, then get someone to help you make the most of it. Over the years I have had 6 different trainers before meeting Dave Blevins. Without hesitation I can tell you this is by far the best personal fitness experience of my life. I have played sports and competed as an athlete, and had my share of injuries. Dave is pushing me to new heights and improving my strength and endurance but I have never felt at risk. I have a big 50th birthday coming up in the spring and Dave Per11is helping reach my goal of heading into my 50’s in great shape. Lastly when I came to Dave I was fat, tired, and worn outwith potential health issues looming. In the last year I have lost fat, added muscle, and I look and feel much better.You get what you pay for, and I’m thrilled. Now I think of Dave as a friend. But as a fitness professional, as corny as it sounds, my savior…Thanks for everything Dave!!!!!!!”
– Tom K.


“After two months of weekly personal training, I’ve definitely seen results. My pants fit better and as summer approaches my goal is for my swimsuit to fit better! Each session is grueling; however, I feel a sense of accomplishment after each workout. Thank you, Dave, for pushing me to the limit. I’m anxious to see what the next two months bring.”
– Mary L.


“There is no better way to workout than with Dave Blevins in a Personal Training or Small Group; he makes every second count and you never leave thinking “I could have done more”. In over 3 years he has never done the Per9same routine twice, so part of the fun is wondering what is going to happen next. If your going to work make it count, get results. Everyone of all fitness levels can benefit from his expert knowledge and you owe it to yourself to give it a try.”
– Bob B.


“A bunch. That’s what I weighed 8 eight years ago. Equally as problematic were two herniated disks in my neck that left my right arm atrophied so badly it was a struggle to pick up aglass of water. I was 85 lbs overweight, sick, weak, and only 31.

Enter Dave, whose patience and knowledge in the gym took me from simply wanting to stop feeling so bad, to a level of fitness I honestly never thought I was capable of. Through all that self-doubt, he knew. He knew when I could push harder, he knew when I reached my limit, he knew when I needed a break, he knew that changes were happening even when I couldn’t see them, and most importantly, he knew that the dedication would pay off. And did it ever! It was hard. Sometimes I felt a workout for days and might have even cried a time or two (poor guy!). But through the next three years, with Dave’s help, I lost that extra weight, found a totally different body and gained a mentor and a friend. If I could pick a motto for Dave it would be:

Give it absolutely everything you’ve got, and then a little more. Besides, if a workout doesn’t make you cuss, it’s probably not hard enough. My fitness has had its highs and lows over the years since then, but my weight is
stable and my life is permanently changed. I’ll never be that person I saw in the mirror 10 years ago, and I owe Dave a million thanks for being the catalyst!! He truly is a one-of-a-kind.”
– Amy L.