Update on Sugar Free 30 Days

So far Sugar-Free is going great. I had one little foul-up and ended up eating trace elements of salsa that had added sugar. I doubt if I even consumed 1 gram with my goof. Honestly, the biggest change was substituting half-n-half in place of my Carnation French Vanilla creamer. That alone was approximately 2 candy bars worth of sugar every day. Occasionally I will notice a habitual reaching for a Jolly Rancher or bar-b-que sauce. But those incidents are pretty infrequent. Once I had an urge (which I successfully fought off) for a bowl of ice cream. And, 2 days ago, my son waxed eloquently about the virtues of various kinds of home-style fruit pies. I had to leave the room.

I am not sure about body changes yet because I want to wait another week before I do a “for real” tape measure around my waist. But, to my eye, it seems like my waistline has decreased in size. I haven’t been on the scale either. I will weigh and measure in another 7 days for a validation of what I feel like is happening.

What is mostly consuming is reading labels and double-checking on content. Staying the course so far!

More later…

Master B