Self Defense Class

Why Learn Self-Defense?
Master David Blevins has been teaching Self-Defense to interested students since 1982. Locations and venues have included University of Missouri, Lindenwood University, St. Charles Community College as well as to many Law Enforcement Departments and former military personnel across the state of Missouri. The nature of the class is always designed to fit the needs of the students participating. For example: our class curriculum for a Girl Scout self-defense class will not look much like the curriculum for Security Officers…etc. However, our universal approach is to combine the active information-seeking (alertness) skills with the energetic movement technique (combat) skills to produce a great final product. A graduate of our Self-Defense class will feel more confident, more secure, more safe, and more aware. He or she will start looking for ways to maneuver around a dangerous situation instead of stumbling into one. And, when surprised, will have the skills to quickly take care of business enough to escape safely.

What Kinds of Skills Will You Learn?
Some of the curriculum from the Beginner Level 1 syllabus includes:

  • The importance of fitness and core strength
  • How to be your own bodyguard
  • The many directions of the elbow strike
  • Home assessment – what are the weaknesses?
  • Improvised weapons
  • Prepping to travel
  • Driving tactics
  • How to really kick
  • Targeting priorities

Who is This Class For?
Anyone who really would like to be safer. We have designed protection classes specifically for Real Estate Agents, Late Night Bar and Restaurant Service Workers, Frequent Travelers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, First Year College Students,

and more. Are you safe enough? Wouldn’t you like to feel safer? Then you should consider enrolling in a Blue Wave Self-Defense Class soon. Call (636) 856-8560 for more information or click the link below to send us an email.


“Learning how to be an aware and prepared individual is one of the most useful lessons that the everyday citizen can learn. Not only did the Self-Defense Seminar teach me how to think on my toes, but also opened my eyes to how important it is to know my surroundings. After the seminar I was transformed into a competent pedestrian, ready for whatever came my way, both mentally and physically. In addition to the knowledge and quick self-defense mechanisms, Master Blevins also provided some insight on Pepper Spray use. Whether your environment is on the streets of St. Louis or the Walmart parking lot, this seminar will supply you with the background and skills needed in order to feel safe and secure in any situation.”
– Rosie B.

“I learned so much in the self-defense offered by David Blevins at Blue Wave. Most importantly, he taught us many practical ways to avoid getting into dangerous situations. David also gave us basic knowledge on what to do if we found ourselves in a potentially dangerous spot. He made the class fun and engaging with demonstrations. It would be a beneficial class for everyone to take!”
– Janice B.

“Blue Wave’s self defense class was very beneficial for my daughter and myself. It addressed real life situations and how to get out of them like how to break away from a pony tail grab. With my 19 year old daughter away at college, having her learn “real life” scenarios and self defense skill to protect herself brings me some piece of mind.”
Mary Beth B.