Strength TrainingStrength1

Why Do Strength Training?
Most every sport requires strength. In fact, many athletes are quite surprised at how simple strength training can improve their performance in the most interesting ways. Long distance runners used to always avoid working their upper bod. They ignored the idea that to run long distance they had to be strong enough to hold their arms up during the entire time. Thus, stronger arms allowed them to run longer before getting tired. Cyclists certainly use their legs a lot in training but their back and core are integral for both speed and endurance. For some other optStrength4ions please also check out Boot Camp and Lunch Crunch. Click HERE for a class schedule.

The strength theme holds for every sport. Strength training in your areas of weakness will definitely strengthen your ability to compete. But, strength training is not just for competitive athletes. If you are a weekend bowler, golfer or softball player you will benefit from being stronger.  If you are a parent wanting to keep up with your kids you should keep yourself feeling strong so you can be active with your kids. Older adults whose kids are out of the nest want the ability to STAY active. Our Strength Training class is for all of these kinds of people…yes you! To take advantage or our $29 Fitness Special please click the button below.

Is it a Cardio Class?
While many of our classes here at Blue Wave are heavy on the cardio-fitness component that will not be the case with Strength Training. No cardio…at least not on purpose. Some of the exercise sets we do may get you breathing heavy but we will not be running or jumping rope. We will, however, work on strengthening every single skeletal muscle you own from top to bottom. Including abdominal work. And, like our other programs, no two classes will ever be the same. It is our design to keep things mixed up and fun. We want you to stay interested AND challenged. By the way, we will also be paying particular attention to watching your technique. Strength doesn’t happen if you are injured or are doing the technique incorrectly. So, we are going to watch you like a hawk.

What Will We Work On?Strength3
Most classes will feature a major body area (or two) For example we might do back and legs on one day with chest and arms the next day. Some days more…some days less. We will be striving to make workouts that you haven’t done before so be ready to learn something new.


Thank you, Blue Wave for adding the Strength Training (ST) classes. I have spent years in the gym and never got a workout like this. Your ST hits on every muscle group with the right balance between high rep and heavy weights. Your 45 minute class kicks my butt more than any two hours of lifting. Kudo’s to you and your staff.

Have a great day,

Peter Rossmann