Still Sugar Free and Weight Loss!

So, I have now been sugar free for 2 weeks. I won’t drag it out but here is the tale of the tape including weight loss.

Weight – down 2 lbs (from 220.2 – 218)

Waistline – down 1.25 inches (39 – 37.75)

Bodyfat – down half a percentage point (from 17.7% – 17.2%)

This is pretty incredible considering I am still having an occasional glass of red wine. I am still eating potatoes, rice and lots and lots of fruit. It is highly probable that this will slow down eventually and I am not really concerned with these numbers anyway. But it IS eye-opening. The other very interesting part of this process is how many “habits” we have about what we put into our bodies. I feel like my biggest take-away will be the assuming conscious control of my diet instead of defaulting to “normal” foods, etc.

Now remember, this is what has happened to me. Your individual results may vary.

More later…

Master B