Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp

Blue Wave has been hosting Tae Kwon Do Summer Camps in one form or another since 1990. The aim has always been to have a chance to get away from the hustle of everyday life and spend a weekend doing the activity we love surrounded by the folks we enjoy. And, while the central activity is martial arts training, we tend to find time for ultimate frisbee, kickball, water balloon wars, crafts, flashlight tag, campfire songs, capture the flag, story telling, smores, and many more adventures.

Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp is for all ages. We strive to have a balance of great food, great training, and great fellowship. There are age appropriate

activities for every little one…and every big one too! If you are participating this year you may arrive anytime after 3:00 p.m. on Friday. We will have a full slate of activities Friday evening, all day Saturday, and end Sunday morning after breakfast.

We train all year long and love the way martial art improves our lives. Tae Kwon Do training is like a full meal with all the food groups represented to keep us healthy and make us happy. But, for dessert, we have SUMMER CAMP!

Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp is a weekend of the most amazing enrichment you can imagine. Long-time students have lots and lots of stories about past summer camps. Friendships are formed or cemented. Advanced concepts are explored and
optimized. And, it is an exhilarating weekend away from the normal, stressful daily grind.

Click on the link below to download information and enrollment forms.