2016 Hard Corps Completed

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2016 Hard Corps – Just a Memory!
Well, another Hard Corps has come and gone. I would like to thank all of the participants in the Summer 2016 Hard Corps Challenge for their patience and hard work. Everyone who participated did great and there were some especially memorable performances by many of Honorable Mention winners. But, I want […]

Family Fitness

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Family Fitness
by: Shannon Rowley
With childhood obesity at an all-time high it is important to keep our children and family active. The CDC recommends that children get at least one hour of physical activity per day. This should include both aerobic and strength activity. For adults, the National Academy of Sports Medicine recommends adults get […]

Staying Fit on the Road

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Staying Fit on the Road
by: Shannon Rowley
Have you ever taken a week off at the gym due to work or vacation travel? Staying fit on the road is a chore that I hear about on a daily basis. And, for most of us, being off for a few days to a week (especially without […]

Shannon’s Recipes

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Recipes for the Fit Foodie
by Shannon Rowley

Recently, quite a few clients have told me that it is hard to find good recipes and cook healthy and balanced especially with a picky spouse, children etc. When I say healthy and balanced keep in mind that our bodies need fat, carbs and protein to function. No […]

Time To Schedule Exercise?

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Schedule Your Exercise Time:  by Shannon Rowley
How do we schedule exercise into our crazy, hectic, stressful lives? Let’s face it….life gets in the way of our health. Why can’t we put a priority on exercise and eating right like we do for our kids sporting events, our jobs and activities? If you think about it, […]