Karate Kubs Graduates

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The Thursday Karate Kubs Have Graduated
If you would like to see our latest batch of Karate Kubs Graduates please click on the photo below. It is a link to our latest gallery of Karate Kubs who graduated from Session 1.

Karate Kubs Blog 2

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Kennedy’s Karate Kubs Blog
One of my favorite things about being a Karate Kubs instructor is developing an understanding of my students and their learning style. I love people and I love analyzing the ways they operate. What motivates them, scares them, makes them happy, etc. In Kubs class I am always paying attention to […]

Kennedy’s First Karate Kubs Class

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Karate Kubs Post #1
It has been a very exciting and nerve racking experience to step into the new role of the Karate Kubs instructor. I have been brainstorming and lesson planning over the past few weeks. I am also growing more and more nervous each day leading up to the start date of the Karate […]