Layers Of Learning

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Layers of Learning
by: Master Blevins

Learning happens in layers. Opportunities that are seized, thousands of repetitions performed, and a focused approach that is tempered by experience all contribute to your layered learning in your favorite pursuit or pastime. Enjoy the talk…



Teachers Learn Too

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Teachers Learn Too
by Kennedy Fitzgibbon
3 things the Karate Kubs have taught me, proving that teachers learn too!

1. Have a plan- but don’t get too attached to it.
Yes, you want to go in with a plan but you don’t want to go in expecting class to lay out just so.If something isn’t working, change it. […]

Karate Kubs Blog 2

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Kennedy’s Karate Kubs Blog
One of my favorite things about being a Karate Kubs instructor is developing an understanding of my students and their learning style. I love people and I love analyzing the ways they operate. What motivates them, scares them, makes them happy, etc. In Kubs class I am always paying attention to […]