Big Cheese

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Big Cheese Assortment
Do you feel like you are the Big Cheese. Are you All That? I just saw a commercial on television where John Stamos says, “I’m just a regular guy. Just kidding, I am actually Spectacular!” Well, many of the articles and reports that I have read give an account whereby the person […]

Not Sugar Free

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I’m not sugar free because I already messed up!
Not sugar free? I was completely sugar free (for all of 24 hours) until I wasn’t. Yesterday (Thursday) I thought it would be a great “sugar free” idea to have some scrambled eggs with salsa. So wrong! After scooping out 3 healthy sized tablespoons of my […]

The Workout

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The ab workout portion for Sugar Free 30 Days
Ab workout as follows with the 6 exercises listed below:

Curlee Que
Alternating Thread The Needle
Tush Push
Alternating Step Through Plank
Alternating Jackknives
Lemon Drop

These are the only 6 exercises that I would like you to do for this ab workout. For the first 3 days, please do each exercise for […]

30 Days Of…

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30 Days Of…
I have had an idea brewing in my mind for the last few weeks and today is when that idea turns into action. If you feel so inclined please join me for the next 30 days as I attempt to write a daily blog about whatever strikes my fancy. Also, every day […]