Training With Family

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Training Together With Family
by: Kennedy Fitzgibbon
I am so lucky that I get to train together with my family at Blue Wave. My dad is the reason that I originally had an interest in training in Tae Kwon Do. He was a black belt when he was my age and loved it. When I started […]


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Parents – Help or Hindrance
by: Master Blevins
As a martial arts instructor that has worked with literally thousands of children, I would imagine that my experiences parallel those of little league coaches and elementary teachers in some respects. I am sure that my compatriots would agree that on one end of the spectrum there are […]

Layers Of Learning

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Layers of Learning
by: Master Blevins

Learning happens in layers. Opportunities that are seized, thousands of repetitions performed, and a focused approach that is tempered by experience all contribute to your layered learning in your favorite pursuit or pastime. Enjoy the talk…



Hard Corps 2014

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What is Hard Corps
Back in 2008 we at Blue Wave decided we wanted more than your average workout experience. While we had some great programs (Martial Arts, Personal Training and Kickboxing) we knew that we should step it up and bring something new for clients to experience. So, we put together a “camping-style” event […]

Core: What Is It?

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Core Training

Do you work your core? Quite often a client will come to me patting themselves on the belly and saying, “I really need to work my core?” Usually I just smile and nod knowing that they are right but they don’t know it. Their body language is asking me to work their abdominal […]