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One of our strong points here at Blue Wave is the way we bring people together under difficult situations or circumstances. The bonds that that we see develop during our classes and events have often been a point of interest. Friendships formed within our walls often last for years or even decades. So, we thought why not just put a program together that had the singular goal of cementing relationships between people and have the activities involved be ancillary? In the midst of all that, while new emotional attachment is growing, we might also see communication, responsibility and leadership skills blossom. There you have it…Blue Wave Team Building.

Team Building ActivitiesThe Team Building concept is definitely not new. Outward Bound started in the 40’s and was the first really popular activity of this sort. Troubled teens and young adults were thrown together in a wilderness experience with problem solving and hardship served up. Many others were soon to follow and the concept of Team Building became an accepted buzz word in university and corporate settings. Today, the Team Building concept is as varied as you can imagine; from “Gourmet Cooking” class team building to reality television cross country races.

Here at Blue Wave we do what we know Hay Bale Team Buildingbest…fitness and martial arts activities…and put them in front of our team building clients. We do this in a way that is thrilling, safe and memorable. Whether you want to jump-start a group of newly hired junior management, or imprint lasting memories upon your wedding party, we can create the special activity plan for you. We can work inside or outside, in a park or a wilderness to put together a jaw-dropping series of challenges and activities that will have you telling stories for months afterwards.

Outdoor Team BuildingAt the heart of the planning is Master David Blevins. In business in the St. Louis area for over 25 years, Master Blevins has literally thousands of former students and clients with positive experiences and great things to say. Several local school districts, colleges and universities, the Missouri School for the Blind, as well as dozens of corporate and civic groups across the St. Louis metropolitan area have all had the benefit of Master Blevins’ input and expertise. Let his experience go to work for you to provide an amazing Team Building experience.

If you are wondering  what kinds of activities will be involved, you should know that part of the David Blevinsanswer will lie in where you have you event hosted. We always use local surroundings to our benefit and bring in whatever extra equipment we need. We can make the difficulty any level you choose; from very mild to very spicy. Overarching the day we will be certain to watch out for you and your guests welfare. We definitely want another happy story to tell. Check out the photo gallery for some fun photos of past activities.

Partner Team BuildingCost will be completely dependent on the amount of time we spend on your project. But, it doesn’t cost a thing to talk over your ideas. So, your next step is to call us or email us with your vision for the Team Building experience. We want you to be part of the planning process, so tell us what you have in mind and who you want involved. This is going to be a big day for you so we will want to hear your thoughts and get a picture of the types of people and personalities involved. That way they will get more out of it as well. Also, tell us what you want the end result to be. Do you want someone to feel more confident or self-assured? Do you want your folks to laugh a lot? Is there someone that needs a firm hand? That is why your involvement is crucial in the planning process. Give us a call at (636) 561-4848 and let’s get started. Or, email us at and we can schedule your date.


Team Building Testimonials

I had a wonderful time at Kristin and Dan’s Wedding Field Day!!!

When Kristin told me they were thinking of doing a field day, I got super excited. When she told me Dave was planning it, I knew we were taking things to another level of awesome!

It takes a unique couple to risk those perfect wedding pictures and open the opportunity for whatever field day throws at them, whether it be scratches from carrying and climbing over hay bales, tan lines, or potential bruises from water balloons being launched their way. Dave did an incredible job planning activities that were all inclusive yet challenging and most importantly allowed the opportunity for our motley crew to get to know each other.

I had a blast, and don’t tell Kristin, but it was hands down one of my favorite parts of the weekend! Thanks to Kristin and Dan for being such a fun couple and to Dave for his thoughtful planning of our epic day!

-Liz Petit