Teen Girls Fitness

Teen girls fitness at Blue Wave is a program designed for girls ages 11-15. This class is great for teen girls of any fitness level. Whether you are trying to reach new fitness goals, or looking to get exposed to fitness for the first time, this is the class for you. Teen Fitness provides a fun way to stay active, and is fantastic for off-season sports conditioning. On top of that, teen fitness is a wonderful way to work on team building, confidence boosting, and to get involved with new friends their same age in a safe and healthy environment! Everything about this program from the music, duration of class, and exercise selection is all specifically designed to create d the ideal workout for our teen girls. Not only is this a fantastic way to get out of the house and get moving, but it is providing your child with the recommended amount of activity per day.

In teen fitness we put focus on improving teens fitness level in a functional way. We specialize in keeping fitness fun and interesting while challenging each participant at their own level. We often accomplish different . We often accomplish different exercises through teamwork and game based physical activities. Throughout this program teens will work on improving endurance, strength, cardio, balance and coordination.

The skills teens gain from this program are a great aid in improving performance in team sports and other activities such as ballet, martial arts, track events and so much more. Each class is different from the next, so you are guaranteed a wide variety of fun and challenging workouts throughout the program. You may leave sweaty, but you will never leave unsatisfied! You can count on a well-rounded workout every class, and new friends to share it with.